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A Card with basic essential life saving details

Information would be what you wish to share and safety in hand of your knowns . No involvement of us . Your safety your power

  • Customized details
  • 3 contacts who will act as your first responders
  • Additional safety tips
  • Pendrive with safety id . Under 500 Rs.

Smart Notification

For all :- from school kids to Doctor patients to disaster survivors

No legal risk as the card will hold no legal value and thus if lost could be replaced

Personalized style

Customized data from name , first responder contact , blood group , illness , special instruction

Workout with friend

No link online .. 100% safe with you only to be accessed by stranger in emergency

Tracking & progress

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All info are in your wallet under your control . No information is risky to your bank account etc


Basic cards are always free . Download print use . Our aim is to create advance cards and offer it at subsidy through corporate adverts

Digital and offline

Mobile is locked , battery gone . Where to go

Safety First

A caring help community assist always

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