Your Safety is always first priority.

Mission is to be help aid in emergency

Why choose us

Download free safety card template download , print , keep in bag or wallet

Personalized style

Our Pen drive safety card can be customized Sas per choice or organization needs

Store important files

It can store important files and documents

Easy to carry

Light weight and easy to carry in wallet or bag

Helpful in emergency

Will help first responder identify ur health and connect with ur loved ones


Can be personalized as per need

Safety Card


Simple card help in safety

a card in each pocket

Smart Notification

Easy & helpful.

Card is easy to carry , to read , to share and always there

Fun, Varied Workout

Never be alone in emergency

Waterproof , no electricity, no mobile , just a card .

“My daily companion of safety “

Seema pradhan


“I feel more safe going out alone as there is someone to care.”



“World has become more free and independent with safety card .”

Jennifer Dunn

Dance Teacher

“Now i do not bother about my health as i know any disaster i have a companion to assist .”


Football player

“In times of working in hazardous engineering project safety card indeed resolves identity issue.”

Dan James


“Simple solution like a school id card which helps me to feel more secured and my parents more relaxed .”

Emma Tan

High School Student


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